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About Happy Feet


Many people meet their future husband or wife at a wedding reception, but not so many have found a new business idea while dancing the ‘Cha Cha Cha’. But that’s exactly how Happy Feet came to life.
In the year 2000 we attended a wedding reception. It was just like many others, a fabulous occasion but with one big difference: suddenly a dance couple appeared, the music started and they encouraged everybody on to the dance floor to start moving to the swaying rhythms of Latin dance music. Literally everyone, young and old, the fun resistant and the shy left footers, quickly and easily picked up the moves and got into the Latin rhythm. The reception was talked about for weeks and we realised it was a business idea just waiting to happen.
From the concept of using the infectious joy of dance to inject life and excitement into peoples lives, we fuliflled our dreams with the launch of Happy Feet Dance Academy in 2013.




To give you the chance to sample the pleasure and fun, that learning Ballroom and Latin dancing can bring. 

With our clubs and events, we aim to bring the style and glamour of Latin and Ballroom, making it fun and easy for everyone to get involved.


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"I graduated as a teacher in Physical Education and studied dance as a specialist subject. In addition to dancing I love coaching and participating in a number of sports and I am definitely a sporty type. Dance is my number one passion, with quality at the heart of everything I do. Having qualified as a ballroom dance teacher with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), I love to share my passion for dancing with my students. The greatest  pleasure I have is, watching the progress and the joy that learning to dance brings.  With the help of my husband Geoff, we have created created three successful Dance Clubs in North Devon. We deliver weekly classes, together with dances, tea dances, holidays and private tuition. Our Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dance Clubs currently run at High Bickington on Monday, Yeo Mill on Tuesday, and at Bampton on Thursday and Sunday evenings."




"My love of dancing started during my teens in Croydon, and hasn’t stopped since. Sport has always featured throughout my life but nothing quite surpassed the joy Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing brings. Partnering Lynne on the dance floor and also assisting her with teaching at our Dance Clubs is just the best! I have no greater boost of pleasure than to see the sheer joy on the faces of a couple as they master a move after some encouraging words and demonstration."




"Lyn provides invaluable support not only to our team during club nights, but also to many of our couples individually on the dance floor. Lyn sometimes pairs with Geoff for "demo time" as new moves and sequences are introduced on club nights.  Her radiant personality and enthusiasm are a great compliment to helping inspire the groups to learn to dance.  In combo we deliver simple progressive steps for you to enjoy your dancing journey."


 Your next step to find out more is to call us on 07704 614107, or click here now to email.

Meet our dance team

Your ticket to learn how to dance Latin, Ballroom and Sequence in easy follow steps.


Our tight knit outfit is small but perfectly formed. We are a husband and wife team, a dynamic duo dedicated to helping you discover the sheer joy of the dance, whether as a fun and pleasurable social activity or to wow your guests with your wedding dance!

What our clients say about us?



Commented on the holiday weekend at the Durrant     " Thank you so much for a great weekend. So nice to have got together at last and hats off to you both for organising everything so well"


Yvonne and Stuart 


"We joined the beginners group six weeks ago and within a few weeks we were competently dancing a few dances. Lynne and Geoff make it a friendly and social place to learn to dance, and we look forward to Monday evenings immensely. The lessons are fun yet professionally planned, every lesson builds on what we have already been taught and our goal is to be able to enjoy some dances at the upcoming Xmas ball. A fabulous way to spend a winters evening."


Roger and Wendy

"Thank you for the most fabulous weekend at the Durrant, good food and the service was excellent. We loved the big dance floor. The workshop tuition was brilliant as shown by the participants who all learned to do the new sequence dance - no problem! The sharp precise steps from the teachers made it easy for everyone to learn"



“With Lynne and Geoff, I've quickly learnt that there is more to dancing than just showing people where to put their feet.  They give a carefully structured learning programme which is fun and interesting.  They have given me the confidence to dance in public - something that I never thought I would do.  Geoff and Lynne have even given me the confidence to dance with someone I'd never met before.  Thank you and well done to both of them!"


Chris and Marion

"Thank you both for such an enjoyable weekend. You are both so incredible in all the work you do for us. We cannot thank you enough, also the other Lyn comes in your package. We felt safe and not cold either with the doors open. The love the laughter from everyone just said it all. Your hard work paid off 11 out 10 for you all."


Bernard and Pat

"A very big thank you to you both for the brilliant weekend it was worth waiting for. Thoroughly enjoyed it and didnt everyone look good in yellow and black!"


Annette and Geoff from Wales

"Although we are not local and only attend every few weeks, we are always made to feel welcome.  We have always found the sessions very helpful, enjoyable and excellent value for money!  We thank you both for your support and encouragement when we do attend.  We wish we lived nearer!"


Miriam and Alan

"We can't thank you enough for the tremendous weekend at the Durrant. The two of you generated such a friendly atmosphere! Your vigilance and attention to detail meant the hotel services ran  smoothly, Covid was given  short shrift, the table planning  worked really well. There was a real buzz over the meals and during the dances. Most importantly we danced better than ever before... because of the hard work you have put in with each and everyone of us. The music you chose was inspirational. You led off every dance giving us confidence all the way!"


To find out more, here’s the easiest step of all, just call us on 07704 614107, or click here now and let us know what you think?