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Many people meet their future husband or wife at a wedding reception, but not so many have found a new business idea while dancing the ‘Cha Cha Cha’. But that’s exactly how Happy Feet came to life.
In the year 2000 we attended a wedding reception. It was just like many others, a fabulous occasion but with one big difference: suddenly a dance couple appeared, the music started and they encouraged everybody on to the dance floor to start moving to the swaying rhythms of Latin dance music. Literally everyone, young and old, the fun resistant and the shy left footers, quickly and easily picked up the moves and got into the Latin rhythm. The reception was talked about for weeks and we realised it was a business idea just waiting to happen.
So after the hard work of putting a business plan together, the concept of using the infectious joy of dance to inject life and excitement into various events was then proposed to Glenn and Lotte Farrar. Retired hotelier Glenn is no soft touch and sceptical by nature, but he immediately saw the appeal of the idea. Having managed many wedding receptions himself during his career he admitted, “I would have loved to have this option available for my customers”. And so it was that we took a ‘cha-cha-chance’ and Happy Feet was born.



To give you the chance to sample the pleasure and fun, that you can enjoy with learning Ballroom and Latin dancing. 

With your events, we aim to bring the style and glamour of Latin and Ballroom, making it fun and easy for everyone to get involved, helping to make your wedding, school prom, party or corporate event an occasion to remember.
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Lynne graduated as a teacher in Physical Education and studied dance as a specialist subject. In addition to dancing Lynne loves participating in a number of sports and is definitely what you would call a sporty type. Her passion, fitness, sporting and coaching skills have enabled her to both dance and teach dance to a high standard. Having qualified as a ballroom dance teacher with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), Lynne loves to share her passion for dancing with her students. She gets great pleasure and satisfaction, watching the progress and the joy that learning to dance brings.  Lynne, with the help of husband Geoff, have created three successful Dance Clubs in North Devon. The husband and wife team deliver weekly classes, together with dances, parties, tea dances, holidays and private tuition. Their Ballroom and Latin and Sequence Dance Clubs are currently run at Bishops Nympton on Tuesday evenings, at Chittlehamholt Wednesday evenings and at Bampton on Thursday and Sunday evenings.






Semi-retired Civil Engineer Geoff with a G still has plenty of spring in his step. He needs it to keep up with partner Lynne! Geoff started dancing during his teens in Croydon, and hasn’t stopped since. Geoff excels at all sports and currently dances Ballroom, Latin and Sequence, partnering with Lynne and also assisting her with teaching at their local Dance Clubs. Not only Civil as an engineer, Geoff is our charming, friendly and personable admin man and also ably assists as a Happy Feet dance instructor. Geoff is very encouraging and helps to get the best out of people even as they attempt their first faltering dance steps.


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Meet our dance instructors

learn how to dance latin, ballroom and sequence in easy follow steps


Our tight knit outfit is small but perfectly formed. We are a husband and wife team, a dynamic duo dedicated to helping you discover the sheer joy of the dance, whether it’s for your big day, or for your next big event or purely as a fun and pleasurable activity.

What our clients say about us?



Commented on the holiday weekend at the Durrant     " Just to thank you so much for a lovely weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it in every respect and it's so nice to have more time to chat and make friends. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you really do a brilliant job and it is much appreciated."


Katherine FROM waterow

Spoke of her Happy Feet dance party:  "You both were fantastic, absolute stars🌟 You made it for me! It would not have happened without you!  It was the best birthday ever and I loved every minute, whacked though I was!  We all enjoyed it hugely."


Gail from Bampton

Commented on the 'Hog Roast' Dance night at Bishops Nympton:  "Congratulations to all concerned for putting on a great night and to you and Geoff for being the best dance hosts we've ever had the pleasure to know"


Fran Gunn from Bishops Nympton (Devon)

“This Dance Club would not exist without Lynne and Geoff – we have all benefitted so much from learning to dance and to dance well.”


Roger Beels from Bishops Nympton

“With Lynne and Geoff, I've quickly learnt that there is more to dancing than just showing people where to put their feet.  They give a carefully structured learning programme which is fun and interesting.  They have given me the confidence to dance in public - something that I never thought I would do.  Geoff and Lynne have even given me the confidence to dance with someone I'd never met before.  Thank you and well done to both of them!"


Shirley from Meeth

"I've been dancing for over 30 years and the Black and White Ball that  you ran in August was the best dance that I've ever been to.  It was a fantastic night, and there was something for everyone - well done both"


Marilyn from North Molton

"Many congratulations to you on the Black and White Ball that you hosted at Chittlehamholt last week end.  What a huge success, everything was just perfect: the ambience in the hall, the camaraderie of the guests, the dance programme, the music combination.  A truly wonderful night.  Learning to dance with you has given me so much - I can't begin to describe it.  all I can say is thank you."

"My love of dancing and the way I have progressed is totally down to you both and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such an interest in helping me move forwards with this passion I have discovered.  So give yourselves a big kiss and a cuddle from me"


Dorothy from Bishops Nympton

"What IS a Strawberries and Cream Dance?  Well, you would have to come to Bish Nym Hall one sunny evening in July to find out.  Yes, strawberries and oodles of cream, both pouring and clotted were served!  BUT there was MUCH MORE --- a varied programme of ballroom, latin and sequence dancing accompanied by beautiful music, expertly chosen.  All this is the brain child of Lynne and Geoff. They presented a wonderful evening, with dancing for everyone. GIVE US MORE PLEASE!"


Annette and Geoff from Wales

"Although we are not local and only attend every few weeks, we are always made to feel welcome.  We have always found the sessions very helpful, enjoyable and excellent value for money!  We thank you both for your support and encouragement when we do attend.  We wish we lived nearer!"


Louise from West Anstey

"The Christmas Club dance at Bishops Nympton was 'awsome' - thank you both so much for a wonderful evening."


Debbie from High Bickington

"Thank you both for a wonderful Christmas Club party at Chittlehamholt.  You have both brought such joy into our lives through teaching us to dance - thank you so much!"


Carla from Bampton

"I thought you both did an AMAZING job at the Redcliffe holiday this June!  There was a carnival atmosphere of friendship and support which you generated.  thank you for a really lovely week end."


Mary and Albert from Atherington

"What  a wonderful weekend at the Redcliffe.  Lovely music and everyone was so friendly!"


To find out more, here’s the easiest step of all, just call us on 07704 614107, or click here now and let us know what you think?