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New Beginners Dance Classes 

Starting in September 2018


Strictly BEGINNERS classes will be starting this Autumn at two of our teaching centres.

Beginners Ballroom, Latin and Sequence classes will be starting in September at Bishops Nympton and Bampton     Ring Lynne on 01769 550899 to book your place


Improvers Jive classes


Next session:   12th August 2018.  8.30 - 10.00 at Bampton Community Hall.  

All Jive practice groups are welcome on this date

Sessions will give guided practice and tuition in Rock Jive Dancing.  If you would like to practice and improve your newly acquired Jive skills, come and join in with these fun development sessions.   Ring 01769 550899 for more info.





A series of workshops to gain some experience in Ballroom Tango technique and choreography

Next session Sunday 19th August 2018 at Bampton Community Hall, 8.30 - 10.00

Ring 01769 550899 for more info.


Dance and Club Events


 The following events are in addition to our regular weekly Club Sessions.  See below for more detail


For more info, contact Lynne or Geoff on 01769 550899, or email us now


BALLROOM and Latin Practice Nights


A great new dance opportunity.  A Ballroom and Latin dance evening with time to practice with your partner your existing and newly learned routines.  A relaxed atmosphere for everyone to have some special time to practice and improve Ballroom and Latin skills.  Teacher support available at these sessions.

These sessions will be available at St Michaels Hall, Bampton on Sunday evenings from 8.30 - 10.00pm  There will normally be two sessions each month.  Please check the Events Summary below for the session dates.

Ring 01769 550899 for more info.

Events Summary  

See below for more detail


Sunday 19th August 2018, Ballroom Tango Workshop at Bampton. 8.30-10.00

Sunday 26th August 2018  Ballroom and Latin Practice night at Bampton 8.30 - 10.00

Sunday 2nd September 2018  Ballroom and Latin Practice night at Bampton 8.30 - 10.00

Sunday 16th September 2018, Ballroom Tango Workshop at Bampton. 8.30-10.00

Sunday 23rd September Afternoon Dance at Bampton,

followed by meal at local Pub. Dancing 3.00 - 5.00 followed by Pub meal

Sunday 30th September 2018.  Ballroom Practice night at Bampton.  8.30 - 10.00

Sunday 9th Sept 2018 - Tea Dance at Bishops Nympton  Bring and Share  2.00 - 5.30

Sunday 14th Oct 2018 - Tea Dance at Bishops Nympton  Bring and Share  2.30 - 5.30

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November 2018 - Dance Holiday at Durrant House Hotel

Tea Dances


Bishops Nympton Parish Hall

Tea dances at Bishops Nympton Parish Hall are held approx once a month on Sunday afternoons. These dances provide a fun and interesting afternoon of dancing for all levels of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancers.  The dances are very popular locally and are sometimes attended by non-dancers who enjoy an afternoon watching the dancing, enjoying the music and indulging in a wonderful afternoon tea.


The next Tea Dance will be held on Sunday 9th September from 2.00pm - 5.30pm

The afternoon will includes a mixed programme of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing

For more information please contact us by email or call Geoff on 01769550899 

The following Tea Dance will be on Sunday 14th October 2018 from 2.30 - 5.30pm



Bampton, St Michaels Hall


PRACTICE JIVE SESSIONS now running at St Michaels Hall

Sunday 12th August  8.30 - 10.00.


Join these practice session to consolidate on your newly acquired Rock Jive skills. A chance to practice lead and follow skills in a supportive relaxed, fun environment. Great fun to be had by all with tuition and calling support. Refreshments included.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please call Geoff on 01769 550899.


New Event: Dance and PUB meal


Sunday 23rd September  Tea Dance at Bampton, followed by Pub meal.   Dancing 3.00 - 5.00, followed by Pub meal

If you are interested in joining this event, please book your place with Lynne and Geoff or call on 01769 550899.


Dance Holidays


Dance holidays are a popular choice, providing a weekend of Ballroom, Latin, Popular and Modern Sequence dancing.  A ballroom and sequence workshop takes place on Saturday mornings.  There is dancing every evening including Live music on one of the nights. A welcome Tea Dance gives guests an introduction to the weekend of dancing on the Friday afternoon.  A popular feature of the weekend dance breaks is Holbrooks shoes, normally attending on the Sunday mornings, with a wide selection of dance shoes



Dance Holiday at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish


A week-end Dance break will be run at this popular hotel on 22nd - 24th February 2019, which features a hotel with a fantastic reputation for dance holidays. Located in a picturesque location, offering wonderful sea views this family run hotel boasts an impressive ballroom with high quality service and standards throughout. This makes the hotel a special place for anyone wanting to enjoy a special dance week end. Visit:


The weekends programme will include: Friday welcome Tea dance, A Ball, with dancing to John Westlake on Friday night. The dance on Saturday night will have a dress theme of Green and Purple. There will also be Saturday workshops, and Sunday morning dancing. The dance weekend will feature a variety of Ballroom, Modern and Popular sequence dancing.

There will be dancing to live music with John Westlake on the Friday night.


For more information and to book your place, please contact Geoff on 01769 550899.



Dance Holiday at the Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton.


This Hotel offers a fabulous backdrop, with breathtaking sea views.  Redcliffe Hotel  This weekend break will be held on Friday 7th June 2019 - Sunday 9th June 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a full week ends programme of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing.  The week end will include dance workshops, and an evening of live music dancing to John Westlake on Friday night. There will be a Pink and  Black  themed dance on the Saturday night.


For more information and to book your place, contact us by email or call Geoff on 01769 550899.



Dance Holiday at the Durrant House Hotel, Northam, Bideford - Friday 2nd November - 4th November 2018.


Following on from the success of last years Dance week end, the Happy Feet Durrant House Hotel dance break offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a fun week end of dancing.   This hotel has a fabulously spacious ballroom. The location of this holiday is in a beautiful part of North Devon, giving visitors the chance to sample some of the enchanting local attractions of this area. There will be live music with Carl Webb on the Friday night and the colour theme for Saturday night will be Red and Black.


For more information and to book your place, contact us by email, or call Geoff on 01769 550899